Reruns and Late Evening Garlic Bread

GUEST BLOG POST this week is by Preston Beach, a husband, father, surfer, musician, and high school English teacher. His wife Lori was diagnosed earlier this year with colon cancer. These are his words–the words of a good man:

Preston and LoriSo I’m sitting here with Lori watching reruns of Frasier on Netflix, listening to her easy laugh, after dinner-and she tells me she’s got a craving for Spuntino’s garlic bread…and they’re STILL OPEN!  So, I gotta drive down and wait in the pleasant patio next to the fountain for a side order.  Small price to pay for living a normal life.

She’s wearing her weekly fashion accoutrement, known as the chemo pump, so she’s staying home and waiting for me.  Obviously I haven’t left yet…she’s, as usual, doing really well after chemo yesterday; a little more tingling and numbness, some calf cramps, but still the trouper, the positive force in my life.  Garlic bread’s a small price to pay for that!!

She used to do this early in our marriage, around midnight, usually, when we lived on Coloma Street in  Loma Linda, near the Circle K:  “Honey, I’m craving a Hostess Ding Dong-will you drive down to the store and grab me one?”  The things we do for love…

Yes!  The things we do for love!!  The small things, sometimes involving a minor inconvenience, that say “I love you” and “your whims are important to me.”  And then the gratitude that rewards those little acts: back rubs, permission to go surfing the next day, and other things not to be mentioned here…

The Good Life is not made up of epic expensive vacations or new cars, bigger homes, fine dining, new clothes.  No, The Good Life is a Wednesday night together at home, some great sitcom reruns, the dogs lying at our feet, and a spontaneous garlic bread run to fill a craving. And the smile of gratitude from an amazing woman that I love deeply, and want to keep around for awhile. Appreciate what you got, folks.  Appreciate who you got…

About Jenell Hollett

I have the privilege of writing and speaking about families. We all have them and we all know the joys and challenges that come with being part of a family. By sharing my experiences and the lessons I learned from those experiences, I bring laughter, courage, and hope to audiences facing joys and challenges of their own.
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