Strength for Service Not Status

voting booth Aug 2015

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about the responsibility of those who possess strength and power. Maybe it’s because I just read an amazing quote this morning  “Strength is for service not status.”  Or maybe it’s because the early presidential race has again revealed the best way to get elected is by using your strengths for personal benefit and political advantage, rather than service to constituents and commitment to excellence.

I wonder what would this world look like if the strongest were the most committed to serving? What would countries look like if the strongest leaders truly served their people? What if strength and power in any form came with a mandate to serve?

On a small scale, I’ve seen these questions answered and the results are impressive. Our country’s and world’s leaders could learn a few things from good men I know. Many are strong and powerful, men who can manage an oversize dresser up two flights of stairs and lead in complex professional projects. Yet, what endears them to those they love and defines them as good men is the way they use their strength for service. The way they sublimate their strength to serve the causes and people they love, and channel their strength into determination and purpose rather than self-aggrandizing power.

Good men get it. Their strength is designed for not just their benefit, but for the benefit of others–their family, their team, their community, their world. Their broad strong shoulders are defending and comforting to others in difficult times. Their strength of character is a lifelong example for the next generation.

I’m watching and hoping for political candidates of both genders in the 2016 election who understand and are committed to strength in service rather than strength of status.  I hope when the primaries are over, someone is left standing who will embody service above political gain. I continue to hope because I’ve personally seen the amazing things that happen when strength and power are used for others’-directed service rather than self-important status.


The Apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans (Romans 15:1-2)

About Jenell Hollett

I have the privilege of writing and speaking about families. We all have them and we all know the joys and challenges that come with being part of a family. By sharing my experiences and the lessons I learned from those experiences, I bring laughter, courage, and hope to audiences facing joys and challenges of their own.
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