Author and Speaker Jenell Hollett

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Hi. I’m Jenell Hollett. I’ve written two novels and I speak to business, community, and faith-based groups on topics centered around family relationships.

If you’re like me, you’ve encountered a lot of family dynamics in your life. Talking about the joys and challenges we face within our families provides perspective and helps us realize we’re not alone. It can also expose the dark places so we can face them, learn from them, and begin to heal. As I share my personal experiences and the lessons I’ve learned through those experiences, audiences tell me it gives them courage to face their own journey with renewed determination and hope.

In 2013, I wrote my first novel, What I Learned From Men, to affirm good men and positives they contribute to the lives of others. I tackled the hidden problem of male depression in that book. My second novel, The Pain Behind The Portrait, revealed the emotions and inner struggles within a verbally abusive marriage. It highlighted the existence of verbal abuse aimed at men and the long path toward healing.

I’m currently working on a non-fiction book for parents.


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Jenell Hollett is an author and speaker based in San Diego, California. Her writing and speaking affirms joys and challenges families encounter and serves as a conduit for open discussion about hidden struggles and healthy ways toward healing.

For information about speaking availability, please contact Jenell at

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